ETHIOPIA - Gesha Village 24/108 Surma Gesha 1931 (Natural)

ETHIOPIA - Gesha Village 24/108 Surma Gesha 1931 (Natural)

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Datura (Paris)

Ethiopia - Gesha Village 24/098 Surma Gesha 1931 100g

Wild Strawberry, Orange Blossom, Apricot Jam, Blackberry, Orange 

Farm: Gesha village Surma block
Altitude:  1909-2063 m
Variety: Gesha 1931 
Process: Natural

We've selected this coffee from the Surma block for its distinctive flavor profile. With notes of wild strawberry, orange blossom, apricot jam, blackberry and orange, it delights the palate with a vibrant and complex taste. Each sip reveals layers of sweetness and floral aromas, creating a truly captivating experience.


In this process, the coffee cherries are sun-dried whole in thin layers on raised African beds. A parabolic plastic cover is used in the evening to improve airflow. The natural drying process takes 18 to 30 days.