ETHIOPIA - Darling (Washed)

ETHIOPIA - Darling (Washed)

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Dak (Amsterdam)

Ethiopia - Darling 250g

A sweet and round Ethiopian washed coffee from Danche washing station. This one shines with its tasting notes of black tea, bergamot, strawberry and some florals.

Black Tea, Bergamot, Floral, Strawberry

Region: Chelbesa, Gedeo
Altitude: 2300m
Variety: Dega, Wolisho
Process: Washed

Danche is a washing station located in Chelbesa, Gedeo. They buy cherries from 400 farmers who produce good yields thanks to fertile soil and good farming methods. This washing station has organic certification. For this lot, the cherries are collected manually and hand-sorted later. They are then pulped by a traditional Agaarde Discpulper. Skin and fruit pulp are removed before the machine grades the parchment in water as 1st or 2nd quality, determined by density. The coffee then goes through a 72-hour wet fermentation. It is then washed in channels and graded in water by density. The lower density (lower quality) will float and are removed, leaving only the denser and therefore higher quality beans which are separated as higher grade lots. Coffee is then piled up in layers which are 2cm in height and dried over a 10 day period then followed by hand sorting for 2-4 hours