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ETHIOPIA - Alaka (Washed)

ETHIOPIA - Alaka (Washed)

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ou·bai·tou·ri (Tokyo)

Ethiopia Alaka 100g

Notes: Sweet Lemonade, Earl Grey, Hints of Lime, Violet

Region: Guji, Hambela Wamena
Farm: Alaka Coffee Farm
Altitude: 2100masl
Variety: 74110, 74112
Process: Washed

The flavors like sweet lemonade and Earl Grey, with hints of lime and violet. This Ethiopian coffee has a pleasant sweetness with a hint of juniper berry in the aftertaste.

METAD's coffee is sold at many famous coffee shops around the world, including Intelligentsia Coffee in the US, BLUE BOTTLE COFFEE, and THE COFFEE COLLECTIVE in Denmark, which is owned by the winner of the 2006 WBC (World Barista Contest). Ethiopia's leading coffee PLANTATION IS NOW KNOWN IN Everywhere.

In the coffee category of the prestigious GOOD FOOD AWARDS 2018 in the United States, the quality of METAD's coffee beans is so high that six of the fifteen winning companies have entered with METAD single origin beans.

Mr. Asano, a Japanese who stays in Ethiopia for several months a year from the harvest season to manage and guide the plantation, is confidently engaged in quality control. He worships METAD, a company that is also involved in supporting 5400 farmers and 800 school Children, AND IS Fulfilling His Mission as a pathfinder for Ethiopia.