EL SALVADOR - Jorge Raul Rivera Pacamara #96 (Honey)

EL SALVADOR - Jorge Raul Rivera Pacamara #96 (Honey)

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Black & White (North Carolina)

El Salvador - Jorge Raul Rivera Pacamara #96 340g





You may have already seen one lot from Jorge Raul Rivera, an innovative producer in El Salvador. We have had a relationship with Jorge since 2017, and this year we were able to select three different lots of his coffee. He has become famous for growing the Pacamara variety of coffee and his expertise in processing techniques has earned him great success in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence competition (winning first place in 2018). 

The Pacamara variety is typically known for its huge seed size and flavor. While the size of the seed can be impressive and surprising, many people find the typical Pacamara flavor unpleasant and savory. Jorge uses both honey and natural processing methods to create surprising sweetness and delicious fruit characteristics. Our first release of his coffee was Honey Lot #105. The other two lots we purchased almost bookend the flavor spectrum of what Jorge is trying to accomplish with his processing. Honey Lot #96 is a cleaner honey processing. This generally is accomplished by removing more of the coffee fruit mucilage from the seed during the pulping process. The less fruit that remains on the seed, the less fermentation will occur during the drying processing and therefore decreasing the intensity of fruit flavors that develop. Natural Lot #88 is the most intense and fruity expression of Jorge's Pacamara coffee. As the whole coffee cherry dries in the sun, significant amounts of fermentation occur and sugars found in the cherry are converted into fruity new flavors which make their way into the final cup profile. 

We taste clean citrus acidity with a sweetness that makes us think of candied grapefruit. This is a lighter, more vibrant coffee than the other two lots. If you prefer some of our cleaner and more acidic coffees, this is the one for you!

Producers | Jorge Raul Rivera

Process | Honey

Variety | Pacamara

Elevation | 1850 masl