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EL SALVADOR - Guanacaste (120 Hours Natural)

EL SALVADOR - Guanacaste (120 Hours Natural)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

El Salvador - Guanacaste 250g

Note: Durian Paste, Fermented Tropical Fruits, Raisin
Variety: Bourbon
Region: Guanacaste
Altitude: 900masl
Process: 120 Hours Natural
Harvest: 2022
Farmer: Rodolfo Ruffati Battle

Surprises are something we look for, a coffee that goes against typical expectations. This Bourbon variety was grown at 900 masl, which is low for most of the high quality lots we go for - this however, is just as good as the 1900s. 

Processed naturally for 120 hours, the Guanacaste is filled with fermenty tropical fruits, raisins, and for those of you who know what this tastes like - durian paste. 

We work frequently with producer Rodolfo Ruffatti Battle, and this coffee comes from one of his inherited farms. When the farm came into his possession it was overgrown and abandoned but with the help of agroforestry techniques the farm is now able to produce great coffee again. As well as producing coffee, the farm has enough space to hold 7 water springs which provide water for the neighbouring communities that can’t afford clean water themselves. 

We’re happy to offer this coffee which doesn’t only go against the rules of what we expect in sea levels, but is also bringing positive farming back to abandoned areas in El Salvador.