ECUADOR - Cruz Loma Sidra & Typica Mejorado Omni for Espresso & Filter (Washed)

ECUADOR - Cruz Loma Sidra & Typica Mejorado Omni for Espresso & Filter (Washed)

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Ripsnorter (Rotterdam)

Ecuador - Cruz Loma Sidra & Typica Mejorado Omni 200g

Expect notes of figs, nectarine, honey suckle, blood orange, pink grapefruit and crispy.

Cruz Loma is a family run, award winning farm which has been producing coffee for over 20 years. It is only in the last 6 years that it started focusing on specialty coffee. Galo Morales is a former technician for Caravela, here he gained much valued experience which is now focused in his coffees and farm. Along with his wife, Maria Alexandra, they run a pioneering farm in the country.
Cruz Loma positioned in the 1st place in Taza Dorada 2021 with this Typica Mejorado Sidra Anaerobic and 3rd place in Cup of Excellence 2022 with the same coffee.

The coffee is handpicked between May and July, this is placed in fermentation tanks where the cherries ferment anaerobically for 24 hours. The cherries are then pulped, washed and placed on drying beds for slow drying, during the daytime under the sun, and at night time inside polytunnels.

Typica Mejorado and Sidra are two varietals with their origin in Ecuador. Both were developed in a research farm in the Pichincha province, not far from Cruz Loma. They are both believed to descend from Ethiopian Landraces and crossed with bourbon. The popularity of these two varieties has grown hugely over the last 5 years due to the quality, complexity and character in cup.