Cupping Session - Black & White 🇺🇸

Cupping Session - Black & White 🇺🇸

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At Fragile, we discover high quality coffee roastery and we source rare beans globally.

Cupping session will taste 13 types of wild and deviant coffees from North Carolina. We’ll round the session with a Q&A discussion.

1st Session: 16 March, Saturday 10:30am
2nd Session: 18 March, Monday 7:30pm
3rd Session: 23 March, Saturday 19:30am (new added!)
(Approx. 60-75mins) HKD 180, max 6 people
First confirm first serve basis

Cupping Session Menu:

  • Costa Rica Don Eli - White Honey
  • Colombia Letty Bermudez Gesha - Thermal Shock
  • Kenya Muthathai - Washed
  • Ethiopia Danche - 5 Day Anaerobic Washed
  • Colombia Wilton Benitez Caturra - Thermal Shock
  • Colombia Paola Trujillo Wush Wush - CM Washed
  • Colombia Nestor Lasso Bourbon Aji - Advanced Process
  • Panama CCD Jose Porta - Dynamic Cherry
  • Colombia Ivan Solis - Cinnamon Anaerobic
  • The Future - Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • Colombia Lica Torres Gesha - Anaerobic Natural
  • El Salvador Sagastume & Pineda - 2023 COE 21
  • Colombia Jario Arcila - Mixed Berry

About Black & White

At B&W, we’re committed to connecting people to the most interesting and approachable coffees that we can find. We strive to be more than just a quality coffee roaster - we hope to challenge ourselves and our customers to push the envelope of what specialty coffee ‘should’ be and how it should taste. 

Black and White Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of two US Barista Champions. Founded in 2017, Kyle and Lem were inspired by the coffee they experienced at the competitive level and wanted to make those coffees as widely available as possible.