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COLOMBIA - Zarza Pink Bourbon (Washed)

COLOMBIA - Zarza Pink Bourbon (Washed)

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Colombia - Zarza Pink Bourbon 100g

Variety: Pink Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1540 mASL

The Zarza farm is located in Pitalito region of Colombia, covering a total of 6-hectares. Here Alejandra Munoz works alongside Jhonathan Gasca, her husband, who took over his family farm with his brother and together they've worked to produce incredible coffees. 

On the farm they produce a number of different varieties. This particular lot is pink bourbon, which has been picked, before undergoing a 24-hour oxidisation process. It then put through a 24-hour anaerobic fermentation with added peel, before being depulped. In then has a second anaerobic fermentation stage for 32 hours and a thermal shock to remove mucilage. Finally, it is washed with spring water before being taken to the dryer.

In the cup you'll find flavour notes of strawberry jam, green apple and vanilla.