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COLOMBIA - White Lotus Java (Washed)

COLOMBIA - White Lotus Java (Washed)

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Dak (Amsterdam)

Colombia - White Lotus Java 250g

We are very excited to bring another unique coffee from Nestor Lasso & Joan Vergara - this time it is a washed Java, a completely different profile than what we are used from these producers. A very bright coffee with tasting notes of florals, lime keffir and white chocolate.

Region: Huila
Altitude: 1750m
Variety: Java
Process: Washed

This is a completely different profile than what we are used to from Nestor Lasso. When the coffee is harvested, it is then pulped and left oxidizing with the mucilage for 12 hours. It then underwent submerged fermentation in 28-degree water for 8 hours. To complete the process, the coffee was washed with hot water at 65-70 degrees to create a thermal shock effect. The coffee is dried to a humidity of 11%, which took 18-24 days.