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COLOMBIA - Velvet Peach Filter & Espresso (Mossto Carbonic Maceration)

COLOMBIA - Velvet Peach Filter & Espresso (Mossto Carbonic Maceration)

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Dak (Amsterdam) 

Colombia - Velvet Peach 200g

Another outstanding coffee from producer Edwin Noreña - this one is a very lemony, peachy and floral caturra mossto carbonic maceration. It tastes like a washed Ethiopian on steroids. For this coffee, our roast for filter and espresso is exactly the same as it performs well for both.

Producer: Edwin Norena
Farm: Finca Campo Hermoso
Region: Quindio
Altitude: 1900masl
Variety: Caturra
Process: Mossto Carbonic Maceration

What is Mossto Carbonic Maceration?

The cherries are harvested above 23 degrees Brix before getting soaked in water for 4 hours. The initial fermentation begins with a carbonic maceration for 72 hours with mossto (the juice made by compressing coffee cherries). Following that comes another 72 hours of carbonic maceration fermentation for 72 hours with mossto and fruits. The coffee is then sun-dried on African beds for 25 days until the humidity reaches 10.5%. Finally, the coffee undergoes humidity stabilisation for 8 days inside a warehouse, and is then stored in grain pro bags.  

Available for both filter and espresso roasted, will be served in-house in late April, stay tuned.