COLOMBIA - Potosi San Juan Natural X.O. (Natural X.O.)

COLOMBIA - Potosi San Juan Natural X.O. (Natural X.O.)

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Single O (Tokyo)

Colombia - Potosi San Juan Natural X.O. 150g

Taste: Dark chocolate, cherry & raisin

Variety: San Juan
Process: Natural
Origin: Caicedonia valle de cauca
Producer: La Esperanza
Altitude (m): 1430-1760

Manual and rigorous picking. Between 48 and 50 hours fermentation in cherry with controlled temperature. The coffee is collected in the indicated maturation.

After fermentation, the coffee is left hours in the silo and then is moved to solar drying for 15 days. Coffee is left in storage for 1 month to help stabilize it and reduce the astringency of freshness.

About Granja La Esperanze
Granja La Esperanza, a group of farms in El Valle Del Cauca and Cundinamarca owned by brothers Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera. The farms are up there as some of the most progressive, with an approach akin to fine winemaking. Varieties are chosen for flavour attributes. Trained pickers go for ripest cherry only, and are paid by the day, not by weight. This enlightened approach continues, with brix meter testing of every delivery to the mill to measure sugar levels and adjust processing and drying accordingly. And you can taste every ounce of time, energy and money in these coffees. Savour this elaborate and spectacular series!