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COLOMBIA - CGLE Potosi Colombia (Natural)

COLOMBIA - CGLE Potosi Colombia (Natural)

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Colombia - Potosi Colombia 100g

Variety: Colombia
Process: Natural 
Altitude: 1400-1860 mASL

Potosi, located in the municipality of Trujillo, is the oldest farm run by Cafe Granja La Esperanza. This lot, Tres Dragones, gets its name from a fire in 2018, where the mechanical driers sent sparks in to the air and set the farmhouse alight.

The farm is made up of 74 hectares, of which 52 are commited to coffee. 34 of these hectares are dedicated to the Colombia varietal, which is hybrid between Hybrid-de-Timor and Caturra and known for its rust resistance and potential for high yield.

When picked, the coffee is fermented for 19-22 hours before pulping and fermented again after for an additional 35 hours. It is then transferred to silos and left to dry for 48 hours. The final step is to transfer it to solar driers for approximately 15 days.

In the cup you'll find flavour notes of lavender, chocolate and blueberry.