COLOMBIA - Inmaculada Sudan Rume Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural CM)

COLOMBIA - Inmaculada Sudan Rume Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural CM)

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Ripsnorter (Rotterdam)

Colombia - Inmaculada Sudan Rume Omni 200g

Expect notes of strawberry, raspberry, hibiscus, cardamon, Juicy.

As its name suggests, the variety was first discovered in the country of Sudan near the Ethiopian border, however this specific lot was grown by the Holguin family at Finca Inmaculada, Colombia. The large, long beans produce sweet-spice, tea-like and floral characteristics which are expected in this uncommon variety.

In 2010 the Holguin family began their coffee journey in Valle del Cauca. They started with 5.12 hectares*, and a decade later they hold 50 hectares that are divided up into four farms, all of which have a unique climate. Inmaculada Coffee Farms is divided up into El Jardin, Las Nubes, Montserrat, and Inmaculada Concepción. Inmaculada’s focus on growing exotic varieties and processing them to highlight their terroir is inspiring. Their goal is to “produce the most extraordinary coffees possible, regardless of risk or costs.” Most of the varieties they grow are incredibly low-yielding and difficult to grow, proving their commitment to their goal. 

It’s our third harvest working with Inmaculada coffee farm and the three varieties that highlight what Inmaculada is accomplishing with all their hard work. and we are stoked about sharing these coffees with you.