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COLOMBIA - Hawaii Mokka Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural)

COLOMBIA - Hawaii Mokka Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural)

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SFriedhats (Amsterdam)

Colombia - CGLE Hawaii Mokka Omni 250g

Note: Gunpowder Oolong, Heavy Spices
Variety: Mokka
Farm: Hawaii
Producer: Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Region: Cauca Valley
Altitude: 1450-1530masl
Process: Natural
Harvest: 2022

You’ve heard someone say mokka before. You can remember it now. It’s a frothy coffee with some cheap chocolate and half a shot of a dark roast espresso. It makes you shudder. M o k k a. BUT WAIT. It’s not that at all… actually, it’s a Dwarf mutant of the Bourbon variety and looks similar in many ways to the low-caf laurina variety.

It’s a tiny bean and its cherry is filled with sweet juices and it ferments in those juices – that’s right, it’s a natural and it’s grown on a farm called HAWAII at around 1500masl from our friends at Cafe Granja La Esperanza in Colombia.
They have been experimenting and have exemplified what it means to be small but mighty. A 48-hour fermentation is quality controlled with temperature checks every 10 hours leaving our Hawaii Mokka with flavour notes of gunpowder oolong and heavy spices.

This cup comes greeting you with an intense funky fragrance and leaves you with a long, complex aftertaste.