COLOMBIA - Fincamigos Laurina (Washed)

COLOMBIA - Fincamigos Laurina (Washed)

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Rum Baba (Amsterdam)

Colombia - Fincamigos Laurina 200g

Profile: Sweet, Chocolate, Honey, Cascara
Area: Colombia, Antioquia, La Arboleda, Jardín
Farm: Fincamigos
Varietal: Laurina - Low Caffeine
Processing: Washed

Fincamigos is an experimental farm run by, Cafexport. The farm serves as a demo plot where they  develop methods for cultivating exotic coffee varieties and explore ways to cultivate coffee in more socially and environmentally sustainable ways. This lot is comprised of the very rare, low-caffeinated Laurina. At Fincamigos, high quality lots such as this one receive the VIP treatment and are cultivated to help evoke their full potential. In the cup, Laurina displays notes of berries, chocolate and a honey sweetness, but with lower caffeine.

This lot is composed of 100% Laurina, a very rare variety that is particularly tricky to cultivate. Laurina is low in caffeine, which means it lacks some of the natural insecticidal properties that benefit other coffee varieties. Its yields are also lower, and it is relatively slow-growing. Nonetheless, its unique flavour profile and lower caffeine content are inspiring a surge of popularity in the specialty coffee world. Cafexport hopes that through their trial on Fincamigos this unusual variety will become more viable for Colombian producers in the future.