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“Edition 0523-08” COLOMBIA - Finca Inmaculada Sudan Rume (Natural)

“Edition 0523-08” COLOMBIA - Finca Inmaculada Sudan Rume (Natural)

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Colombia - Finca Inmaculada Sudan Rume 100g

Variety: Sudan Rume
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1750-2000 mASL

Inmaculada Coffee Farms often need very little introduction, known around the world for producing some of the more rare and exciting coffees, including this Rume Sudan, as well as Gesha, Eugenioides and Laurina. 

The farms are were created in 2010, as a way of giving back to the community of Pichindé, the village in which they're located. Surrounded my the Andes, the altitude, climate and natural landscape combined with a lot of hard work has created the perfect environment to grow some of the worlds most coveted coffee. The aim is to create the optimal conditions, so instead of producing more, they look to improve quality investing in agroforestry to promote biodiversity and grow shading plants such as guamo, acacias, lemon, guabos, citronella, and a legume shrub.

Once picked the coffee undergoes floating, then hand sorting to remove any imperfections. It then undergoes carbonic maceration for 5-6 days, before being dried for 48 hours in Nuna Drying boxes. Once ready, it is then dried for a further 15 days and turned three times per day at a temperature of 32-35 degrees in a room that uses a vacuum system to manage humidity.

The Rume Sudan varietal was discovered in Sudan, near to the border with Ethiopia and is known to have a large, long bean shapre. It is a very unique and rare coffee varietal with an outstanding flavour profile, which is unlike other coffees. Its a balance of fruit-forward, herbal and floral notes, including blueberry, lychee and red apple.