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“Christmas Coffee” COLOMBIA -  Cinnamon Roll (Carbonic Maceration Cinnamon Co-Fermented)

“Christmas Coffee” COLOMBIA - Cinnamon Roll (Carbonic Maceration Cinnamon Co-Fermented)

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Dak (Amsterdam)

Colombia - Cinnamon Roll 200g

Our Christmas coffee is finally here and we couldn't be happier with this one! It's a caturra & pink bourbon co-fermented with cinnamon from producer Edwin Noreña. This producer always surprises us with new processes and this one doesn't disappoint!

Edwin meticulously selects cherries with a minimum Brix level of 23, placing them in 30kg plastic bags for 24 hours. The initial fermentation, already underway, is followed by a 72-hour carbonic maceration with mosto (the juice obtained from compressing coffee cherries) in a large tank. The resulting liquid, collected through a valve, becomes the foundation of his co-fermentation process. After de-pulping, the cherries are transferred to smaller tanks along with the liquid and organic cinnamon powder and sits for 72h. The coffee is then sun dried on African beds for 25 days until reaching a humidity level of 10.5%. Following humidity stabilization for eight days in a warehouse, it is stored in grain-pro bags.