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COLOMBIA - Chambaku (Sugar Cane Decaf)
COLOMBIA - Chambaku (Sugar Cane Decaf)
COLOMBIA - Chambaku (Sugar Cane Decaf)
COLOMBIA - Chambaku (Sugar Cane Decaf)

COLOMBIA - Chambaku (Sugar Cane Decaf)

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Nomad (Barcelona)

Colombia - Chambaku Decaf 250g

Sweet coffee with a creamy body. In aroma, we can find notes of cocoa powder, honey and caramel. It has soft acidity and a long and pleasant aftertaste that reminds us of maple syrup.

Harvest: February 2022
Region: Caldas
Altitude: 1400-1800 masl
Variety: Castillo, Colombia
Process: Sugar Cane

Finca Chambakú is one of the farms that NOMAD works with every year. Juan Felipe Restrepo (Pipe to his friends) brings us a new batch, this time a decaffeinated coffee with the “sugar cane process” method.

Pipe decided to go a step further and decaffeinate one of his natural processes, its pronounced acidity, with fruitier notes, compensates for the characteristic sweetness that the decaffeination process generates, thus creating a much more complex cup.


The process is carried out through an ethyl acetate from sugar cane. It is a selective solvent for caffeine that is present in nature. It is obtained through the fermentation of sugar cane. The coffee is then submerged four times in a mixture of water with this acetate, which absorbs almost completely the caffeine from the coffee. Once this process has been completed, the coffee is dried until reaching 12.5% moisture and covered with a layer of organic wax to protect it so that it will stay at its best for longer.