"SUPERSPECIALS" COLOMBIA - Cafe Granja La Esperanza Potosi Sidra Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural)
"SUPERSPECIALS" COLOMBIA - Cafe Granja La Esperanza Potosi Sidra Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural)

"SUPERSPECIALS" COLOMBIA - Cafe Granja La Esperanza Potosi Sidra Omni for Espresso & Filter (Natural)

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Friedhats (Amsterdam)

Colombia - Potosi Sidra Omni 250g

When it comes to superspecials, Cafe Granja La Esperanza is always on our list. There’s a reason for that. Most of Lex's all-time favourite coffees come from their productions. Our experiences with Cafe Granja start with the first barista competitions we competed in, serious super specialty.

Great trees are often the focal point of great stories, think Newton, think of the Buddha; this Sidra variety is sort of like that - a bit - depends how much you love delicious coffees. The Sidra variety was developed in Ecuador by a private company, taking its name from the tree it was propagated under. This hybrid coffee is a cross mutation between Red Bourbon and Typica; these two varieties are never the top of our list when going through the yummiest, most delectable, or exciting varieties but when they come together it’s like heaven on a round silver spoon.  

Notes of hibiscus, rhubarb, and orange fill the palate here and the intensity of flavour is what drew in. 


Note: Hibiscus, Rhubarb, Orange
Variety: Sidra
Farm: Potosi
Producer: Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Region: Caicedonia valle de cauca
Altitude: 1400-2000masl
Process: Natural
Harvest: 2021
Rainfall: 1.526mm/year
Temperature: 17-22C
Total Crop Area: 11.9ha
Humidity: 73%


Once the cherries are carefully selected when they are picked and then when they are about to start a process, they are set in a special tank closed but not sealed in order to let the air ow. Fermentation last 48 hours in whole cherries and thanks to higher concentration of sugars it will allow the cup to have more intense notes. The temperature during fermentation is controlled every 6 hours so it won’t reach temperatures above 30ºC.


When the hours of fermentatio have completed the cherries are set in a mechanical dryer for 48 hour to get the cherries dehydrated to then end the drying process Solar drying patio for 8 days.