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COLOMBIA - Cata Project Espresso (Natural)

COLOMBIA - Cata Project Espresso (Natural)

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Sweven (Bristol)

Colombia - Cata Project Espresso 227g & 1kg 

– “Our seasonal house espresso special preparation lot by our dear friends Nestor Lasso & Johan Vergara in collaboration with Cata Export”. 

what to expect in the cup

Passion fruit, cherry liqueurs, white chocolate. Very sweet and exotic cup profile with creamy texture and outstanding aroma.


Region: El Diviso & Las Flores
Variety: Yellow, Red & Pink Bourbon Blend
Process: 180hrs Natural Anaerobic


Only several months ago we began planning for our next seasonal house espresso and we approached our good friends at Cata Export. The request was simple – we wanted something outstanding that works well as espresso and with milk and that has an amazing sweetness, aroma and texture.
A week later Cata sent us some samples and one of them instantly stood out on the cupping table and this was exactly this lot! We then contacted Cata immediately and contracted the entire lot with having in mind the real potential for working towards this project in future and continuing developing our relationship further, which now has become more of a good friendship.
This particular lot is a blend of Yellow, Red & Pink Bourbon produced by school mates and good friends Nestor Lasso (El Diviso) & Johan Vergara (Las Flores) in Huila, Colombia. The Bourbon cherries blend are firstly oxidised for 24hrs under complete Aerobic environment and then are taken into sealed tanks for an extended Anaerobic fermentation for 180hrs. And finally the cherries are moved on to drying tables for slow drying up to 2-3 weeks. The results are amazing and we are incredibly proud to be taking part of this project we called “Cata Project” and we cannot wait to visit El Diviso & Las Flores this autumn and lay out the foundations of this project for years to come!


Producer Notes

Cata Natural Bourbon blend is created exclusively for Sweven, we select the best batches that can complement each other. Our team of selectors manually separate grain by grain to obtain a unique and particular blend aimed at special customers.
At Cata Export we design our own grinding processes, this is really very important and exclusive, since in Colombia producers do not usually do it and much is unknown about this subject, we also have equipment for pixel selection, density selection, selection of meshes and manual selection, thus reducing the waste of high-quality coffee and also ensuring that we offer something unique to our customers in Europe. All the selected coffees have almost the same profile in the cup, they are coffees with very fruity round profiles, which, unlike the other coffees that we export from mesh 15 onwards, this Blend can fall in mesh 13 and mesh 14 and taking into account that they are very sweet and that their complexity when exporting is high due to their size, likewise we offer the option that if any client requires us to do this work, we do it especially for him.
Award winning farms such as El Diviso and Las Flores in the department of Huila, with their clean agriculture and post-harvest fermentation protocols, are the ones who participate in this process, being specialists in red bourbon, pink bourbon and yellow bourbon, achieving good control of extended fermentation and They have known how to standardise their drying processes very well, taking into account that this is a very complex step due to the level of rainfall in Colombia. They are also very simple processes that can easily be replicated in other coffee-producing farms.