New Year’s Eve Cupping Session: Subtext Best of 2023 Coffee πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

New Year’s Eve Cupping Session: Subtext Best of 2023 Coffee πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

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Subtext (Toronto)

Cupping Session: THE BEST COFFEES OF 2023

Throughout the year, we've selected our favourite coffees of each season and frozen the green for one last roast. Sidras and Geshas, pristine Washed and experimental Naturals, this box is curated to demonstrate the stunning diversity and expression of our producing partnersβ€”their initiatives, their labour, and their pursuit of quality.


of the most beautiful, origin expressive, and best scoring filter coffees of the year

We'll discuss and taste the coffee, as always we round up the session with a Q&A. For the People who join the event, you can enjoy 10% off to buy any coffee beans during the session.


Cupping Session:

31/12 Sunday

HKD 200, max 8 people (Approx. 90 mins)


Beans list:

  • Merino Family Washed Sidra - Ecuador
  • Ernedis Rodriguez Washed Sidra - Colombia
  • Diego Hoyos Washed Pink Bourbon - Colombia
  • Ivan Montoya Washed Chiroso - Colombia
  • Arbegona Rumudamo Washed 74112 - Ethiopia
  • Francy Castillo Washed Gesha - Colombia
  • Paulino Quintero Yeast Inoculated Washed Caturra - Colombia
  • Arbegona Rumudamo Natural 74112 - Ethiopia
  • Gakuyini AA Washed SL28 SL34 Ruiru 11 & Batian - Kenya
  • Perez Family Washed Gesha - Guatemala
  • Enrique Lopez Black Honey Gesha - Mexico
  • Volcan Azul Natural Anaerobic SL28 - Costa Rica
  • … for more